Professional Development Program for Lecturers

Professional Development Program for Lecturers

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Nebraska's Professional Development Program for Lecturers is designed to welcome new and recently hired lecturers to the university, assist you in becoming acquainted with our community and programs, and provide advice on getting off to a productive and fulfilling start to your career at Nebraska.


Nebraska's Professional Development Program for Lecturers kicks off with New Lecturer and Postdoc Orientation at the beginning of the fall semester.

In this year's virtual orientation, lecturers and postdocs will hear from campus leaders about the upcoming semester, employee benefits, assistant programs, and teaching at UNL.

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Professional Development Program for Lecturers

The Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office offers four Professional Development Program for Lecturers Workshops throughout the academic year to enable a deeper dive on topics of importance. Fall events will be held virtually. Information about spring semester is forthcoming. Detailed invitations to each workshop will be emailed before the event.

Professional Development Program for Lecturers Workshops are held from 2:30 – 4 p.m.

Teaching at Nebraska

Tuesday, September 29

There are a great many things lecturers can do in order to increase the effectiveness of their teaching and improve the student experience. 'How to Excel at Teaching in 1,317 Easy Steps' will focus on the most important of these practices. During the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to think through ways to address challenges they personally face in the classroom and to share strategies they have found to be successful. This workshop is co-facilitated by Steven Cain and Eric French, Instructional Designers at the Center for Transformative Teaching.

Diversity and Inclusion: from Strategies to Practice

Tuesday, October 20

Presented by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, this workshop provides an overview of the office and its operations; the initiatives and collaborations it has developed in support of diversity-based faculty efforts; and its ongoing commitment to inclusive excellence. It also provides foundational principles for equity-based teaching methodologies, which illustrate strategies to infuse inclusive excellence into curriculum for various learning modalities. Participants will learn about internal and external campus and community resources for continuous engagement, interaction, professional development, and best inclusive practices.

Free Speech and Academic Freedom

Tuesday, February 23

This workshop covers the basic principles of first amendment law as it relates to freedom of speech on university campuses and the academic freedom tenets of the American Association of University Professors. It also covers relevant university policies related to freedom of speech and academic freedom.

Negotiation Skills in Academia

Tuesday, April 6

Are you a good negotiator? Or, does negotiating stress you out? This 60 minute workshop will help participants learn strategies to become a better negotiator, understand diversity factors that influence negotiation abilities, consider negotiation across the academic life cycle, and understand that negotiating is a daily habit. Workshop led by Rodrigo Franco Cruz, Associate Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.