New Faculty Onboarding

Contact your department office

Contact your department’s PAF coordinator or business office for assistance about the following items:

  • Computer: Confirm your computer hardware and software needs with your department. Learn more about the responsible use of UNL computers.
  • Building/Office Access: Your department will provide door access for buildings on campus.
  • 30-day Temporary Parking Permit: New faculty members receive a 30-day temporary parking pass. This permit can be secured from the Department PAF coordinator. To purchase a parking permit, visit Parking and Transit Services or in person at their office at the Stadium Drive Parking Garage.
Review benefits options and enroll

UNL's benefit plans are administered as part of the University of Nebraska system. NUFlex is the university's flexible benefits program. This program allows you to choose from a group of benefit options that best suit your circumstances and lifestyle.

The extensive benefits package includes health, life, disability and long term care insurance; retirement accounts; tuition reimbursement for employees and their spouses and dependent children; and reimbursement accounts for health care and dependent day care. Review your options and access all benefits enrollment forms online at

The UNL Campus Benefits Office must receive your completed forms and dependent verification documentation (if providing insurance to dependents) within 31 days of your hire date.

To determine your eligibility for benefits or for other questions, contact UNL’s Benefits Office by phone at (402) 472-2600 or on campus at 32 Canfield Administration. After your initial enrollment, you can make annual benefit selections in Firefly.

Get your NCard

Your NCard is your main identification at UNL. It is used to gain access to buildings and labs and to obtain educational discounts. It also offers the optional service of purchasing items on campus.

To obtain your NCard, visit the NCard Office located in Room 121 of the Nebraska Union, 14th and R Street, City Campus. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The NCard features your photo, signature, bar code and magnetic stripe. Your photograph will be taken at the NCard Office at the time you apply for the card.

You’ll need to bring with you your eight-digit NUID number that can be obtained from the Department PAF Coordinator, as well as one form of government issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Your NUID also will be used to gain access to University Systems, further outlined below.

Plan to Participate in the New Faculty Development Program

Each year, the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor offers a New Faculty Development Program. The kick-off event is New Faculty Orientation, held on the Wednesday before classes begin in August. Please plan on attending this event and check within your department and college to see if they also have orientation or welcome events.

University Systems
Gain Access to University Systems

There are two sets of campus credentials (usernames and passwords), TrueYou and My.UNL that you’ll need to establish to gain access to University systems and the services that these systems provide.

Start by securing your NUID from your department PAF coordinator. Your NUID is a unique eight-digit number that serves as your identification number. This number is different from your personnel number, a six-digit number.


TrueYou is a statewide password clearinghouse, coordinated by the University of Nebraska’s Central Administration. Create your TrueYou credentials by claiming your account online at Your username is your eight-digit NUID and you’ll be prompted to create a password and answer several security questions. Your NUID and TrueYou password will provide access to Firefly (the employee portal) and MyRed (the student services portal).

  • Firefly: Firefly is the employee and financial portal. Through Firefly, you can access paycheck stubs and annual W-2 statements; modify W-4 withholdings and bank information; apply for the University employee and dependent scholarship program, and view and edit emergency contact information. After your initial enrollment in benefits, you’ll also be able to view and enroll annually through Firefly. To login, use your NUID and TrueYou password and go to Employee Self Service to access these services.

    Note: Services are available to new employees beginning on the first day of your appointment.
  • MyRed: MyRed is the student information portal that includes enrollment services for students, faculty and staff. Faculty use MyRed to view class rosters, search for classes and enter final grades for students enrolled in their classes. Access MyRed with your NUID and TrueYou password.

    Note: Access to services in MyRED is dependent upon your role and the permissions approved by your chair/director and dean. For more information on MyRed, visit the MyRed Information site.

My.UNL refers to the UNL identity management or single sign-on account coordination service. In other words, your My.UNL credentials provide you with access to the UNL-coordinated systems and services. Claim your My.UNL account and username (e.g. jdoe2, j.doe, john.doe) online at Enter your name as shown on your Social Security Card, birthdate and NUID. Your My.UNL credentials will give you access the services provided by the UNL campus, such as e-mail, NUgrant, MyPlan, Canvas, Active Directory, wireless network, Libraries, and more.

  • Email: UNL uses Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) for employee e-mail services. Visit the Office 365 activation website at to activate your email account. You will also have the option to select a preferred email address (e.g. or opt to continue using the default established for you (e.g.

    Use your My.UNL username (e.g. jdoe2) and password to activate your account on the Office 365 website. You’ll continue using your My.UNL credentials to access your email account once it has been activated. You can even access email through webmail services at before the Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) client has been fully installed on your computer by your department IT staff person.

    Information about Microsoft Office 365 can be found online. Contact your department IT staff person or the ITS Help Center (, for assistance with activating your email account, installing the client on your machine, and setting up your account on your tablet and smartphone.
  • Active Directory: The UNL Active Directory will allow you to securely log into your computer and any computer on campus (i.e. computers in classrooms, labs, and conference rooms). Your department IT staff person can assist you with setting up your computer and Active Directory settings.
  • My.UNL Academic Portal/Canvas: UNL uses Canvas as our Learning Management System. Most UNL instructors use Canvas as part of their teaching processes and content management. UNL’s instance of Canvas is referred to as My.UNL. In order to gain access to Canvas, use your My.UNL username and password.
  • MyPLAN: MyPLAN (My Personal Learning and Advising Network) provides a convenient way for students to communicate with faculty and staff. Faculty and advising staff can follow students through their UNL careers, recording notes, scheduling appointments, accessing basic student information, and communicating with those on campus who are involved with their students. Access MyPLAN through My.UNL/Blackboard using your My.UNL credentials.
  • NUgrant: NUgrant is an online research administration system developed by the Office of Research and Economic Development to help UNL faculty, staff and administrators manage research projects. Some of the tasks you can complete in NUgrant includes: Institutional Review Board approval, internal grant competitions, interest and outside activity reporting. To access NUgrant, use your My.UNL login information.
  • Campus Wireless Registration: Login with your My.UNL username and password to gain wireless access to UNL-AIR, UNL’s wireless network for your laptop and mobile device.
  • Libraries: Login with your My.UNL credentials to search the Libraries databases off campus.