Pre-proposal Questionnaire

The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor is excited to partner with you as you consider developing a new program. We encourage you to set up a time to talk about your ideas with the Dean of Undergraduate Education or Dean of Graduate Education. During this conversation we can provide information about what to expect in the process and timelines; resources, such as research and analysis for anticipating demand and enrollment predictions; and general support for proposal development.

As you start to plan, think about the following questions:

  1. What is the content of the proposed program?
  2. How is this proposed program aligned to the academic goals of the department(s), college(s), and University?
  3. Who will be the audience for this program?
  4. What is the demand for new student enrollments? What is the proposed enrollment level?
  5. Will this be an on-campus program and/or fully online program, or a hybrid/blended program? If it is an online program, how will the program be designed to meet the needs of online students?
  6. What are the resources needed to support the proposed program (i.e. instructional capacity, advising, student support, space, etc.) at the proposed enrollment levels? Are these resources currently available?
  7. Are there collaborative partnerships involved in offering this program across departments, campuses, or institutions?
  8. What is the competitive landscape (within Nebraska, regionally, and nationally) for the proposed program?
  9. What is the workforce need and demand for recipients of this credential?

Contact the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor at 472-3751 to schedule an appointment.

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