First Generation Nebraska

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First Generation Nebraska

We're working to make our campus more "first generation friendly" by developing links between first-generation college students and faculty and staff who share a similar academic experience.

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First Generation Nebraska

About First Generation Nebraska

In fall of 2017, Nebraska's Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor launched First Generation Nebraska, an initiative designed to link first-generation college students and faculty and staff who share a similar academic experience with the goal of making our campus more "first generation friendly."

Acknowledging first-generation status as part of one's identity might seem a small thing, but it can be critical to students' success, helping them easily identify faculty and staff who can relate to particular challenges they might be facing. First Generation Nebraska invites faculty and staff who were first generation college students themselves to participate.

How can faculty/staff participate?

Sign up for our mailing list. You will receive the First Generation Nebraska Button and office placard. Faculty and staff are encouraged to display the placard on their office doors and wear the FGN button to help first-generation students identify individuals who are receptive to sharing their own experiences.

In addition, you will be invited to participate in social events with first generation students and workshops for faculty and staff focused on how to meet the needs of FG students in and outside of the classroom.

Share a Meal Program

The FGN Share a Meal program is designed to help first generation faculty and staff mentor and advise first gen students about navigating the college experience over a free meal in a Nebraska dining hall. You can request tickets from

More details about the FGN meal program

How many tickets can I have?
We ask that each meal entail one faculty or staff member and 3 or fewer students to ensure an individualized and interactive experience. You can request multiple tickets if you would like to take additional students for meals.

Where can I use the tickets?
You can use the tickets at any of the five Nebraska Dining Centers: Abel/Sandoz, Cather, East Campus Union Cafe, Harper, or Selleck.

Which meals can tickets be used for?
You can use tickets for any meal--breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Where can I find Nebraska dining hall locations, hours of service, and menus?
Go to to find maps, daily menus, and hours for each meal.

How do I identify students to invite for a meal?
We recommend that you invite first generation students who might need additional support or resources to be successful (e.g. who live off campus, who have GPAs below 3.0, or who simply seem to you to be at risk for success).

First Generation Advisory Board

The FGN Advisory Board meets once a semester to provide feedback to the EVC office regarding how to best support first generation students, staff, and faculty.