Association for Women in Science

Association for

Women in Science

Photo a woman using biology equipment

Our Mission:

To create campus culture to increase participation and impact of women in all areas of STEM and at all levels in the academy and the broader scientific community.

Wondering what AWIS is all about? Watch an overview to learn more about AWIS and how your financial support helps us to drive excellence in STEM by achieving equity and full participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors.

Are you looking for a position or a place to post your CV/resume? Access the AWIS Career Center where you can find STEM jobs to advance your career. Over 300 AWIS members have taken advantage of this opportunity to highlight their skills and experience.

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Steering Committee Members

  • Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, Civil Engineering
  • Brittany Duncan, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mary Ann Johnson, Nutrition and Health Sciences
  • Eileen Hebets, Biological Sciences (chair Spring 2020)
  • Xia Hong, Physics and Astronomy
  • Petronela Radu, Mathematics (chair Fall 2019)
  • James Takacs, Chemistry
  • Lily Wang, Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction
  • Rich Bischoff, ex officio
  • Deb Hamernik, ex officio.
  • Judy Walker, ex officio