Award: $3000

Eligibility: Full-time faculty in the Humanities

The Annis Chaikin Sorensen Award is an annual award presented to recognize an individual for his/her outstanding teaching in the humanities. The humanities disciplines include art, classics, communication studies, English, history, modern languages and literatures, journalism, libraries, music, philosophy, theatre arts, ROTC, museum, and members of the faculty in the athletic department and all units in the College of Architecture. Awardees are recognized at The Laurels annual award reception.

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Nomination Instructions

Before submitting the nomination form, compile the documents listed below in the order shown and save as one PDF file.

  • Nomination letter from the nominee's chair: Please address the individual's success in teaching. It is especially helpful to reference student evaluations, classroom visits, or other peer-review activities (maximum 3 pages).
  • An endorsement from the nominee's college dean, in support of the individual's nomination.
  • Abbreviated curriculum vitae: Please include a listing of all courses taught in the last three years and highlight published works which took place while at the university. For multi-author materials, please specify your contributions (maximum 5 pages).
  • Self-reflection on teaching: Please provide a brief description of your teaching philosophy, work with curricular development (courses developed, modified, etc.), and engagement in department- or campus-level discussion on pedagogy (maximum 3 pages).

Nomination Form

Annis Chaikin Sorensen
Annis Chaikin Sorensen, 1918

About the Award

The Annis Chaikin Sorensen Award was established to commemorate the legacy of Annis Chaikin Sorensen.

Annis Chaikin Sorensen, a Nebraska native, obtained her bachelor’s degree in 1908 and master’s degree in 1909 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Annis married Christian A. Sorensen, a Nebraska native who graduated with a law degree from the university and would go on to serve as the Nebraska attorney general. Their son, Theodore (Ted) Sorensen, who received bachelor's and law degrees at Nebraska, served as President John F. Kennedy’s special counsel and primary speechwriter.

Annis is remembered for her philanthropic involvement in human rights. She held leadership positions in the American Association of University Women, Nebraska Alumni Association, and the Jewish Big Sisters Society.

Past Awardees

Year Recipient Department
2024 Kelly Stage English
2023 Tom Gannon English and Ethnic Studies
2022 Roland Végsö English
2021 Amelia Montes English and Ethnic Studies
2020 David Karle Architecture, Landscape Architecture
2019 Jeannette Jones History, Ethnic Studies
2018 Stephen Behrendt English
2017 Julia Schleck English
2016 Maureen Honey English
2015 Thomas Borstelmann History
2014 Carole Levin History
2013 Diane Barger School of Music
2012 Priscilla Hayden-Roy Modern Languages & Literature
2011 Joy Castro English
2010 Laura White English
2009 Deborah Minter English
2008 Nicholas P Spencer English
2007 Elizabeth Ingraham Art & Art History
2006 Francis W Kaye English
2005 Adelaida López de Martínez Modern Languages & Literatures
2004 Kenneth Winkle History
2003 Venetria Patton English
2002 Donna D Harler-Smith School of Music
2001 Christin J Mamiya Art & Art History
2000 Rashmi D Bhatnagar English
1999 John R Bailey School of Music
1998 Grace Bauer English
1997 George H Ritchie School of Music
1996 Christina Brantner Modern Languages & Literatures
1995 Nicole Smith Modern Languages & Literatures
1994 John R Wunder History
1993 Charles W Mignon English
1992 Joy S Ritchie English
1991 Katherine Ronald English
1990 Stephen C Behrendt English
1989 Leslie T Whipp English
1988 Edward L Homze History
1987 Moira C Ferguson English
1986 Susan J Rosowski English
1985 James A McShane English
1984 Robert C Hillestad Textiles, Clothing & Design
1983 Marie J Sanwick Dance
1982 Gene B Hardy English
1981 David E Van de Bogart School of Music
1980 Nels Forde History
1979 Paul A Olson English
1978 Alan P Bates Sociology
1977 Robert E Dewey Philosophy
1976 Leslie C Duly History
1975 Bernice Slote English
1974 Wilbur G Gaffney English
1973 Robert L Hough English
1972 Jimmy D Patten Journalism
1971 Larry H Lusk School of Music
1970 Lloyd D Teale Romance Languages