Digital Measures Activity Insight™ is a secure, reliable web-based tool for faculty to manage their research, teaching, and service activities. More than 600 colleges and universities, including several Big 10 institutions, use this system. The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor maintains an Activity Insight™ license for the entire campus.

Log-in Page

Access to Digital Measures Activity Insight™ is through the UNL campus authorization system.

  1. You must have an account on the Faculty Insight server in order to log-in.
  2. Visit the UNL campus authentication web page to log-in to Digital Measures Activity Insight™.
  3. Use your user id and password to access your account.
  4. This user's guide offers assistance for Activity Insight™.
  5. The Faculty Insight Orientation & Training Guide offers more detailed information about use.

The Faculty Insight National Users Group

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has joined five other institutions to form a Faculty Insight users group. UNL has signed a 5-year contract with Faculty Insight to host Activity Insight™, a faculty activity and reporting database.

UNL was invited to join the University of Connecticut, Pennsylvania State, Ohio State, the University of Iowa, and the University of Georgia in an effort to build a consortium of Faculty Insight clients to help coordinate larger scale upgrade and enhancement requests for Activity Insight™. Other campuses that have been invited to join include Cornell, Virginia Tech., and the University of Minnesota.

More information about Digital Measures and Activity Insight™ can be found at the web site: