Faculty Evaluations

Guidelines for Annual Evaluations, Promotion, and Tenure

The faculty evaluation process at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is designed to assist the institution in attracting promising faculty members, helping them reach their potential, retaining only the outstanding, and rewarding their proficiency.

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Evaluation of Pre-Tenure Faculty Members by College, Department, or Unit

Review and Reappointment of Administrative Officers Policy

Evaluation of Faculty with Joint Appointments

Annual Evaluations for Post-Tenure Review

The annual review process is intended to assist faculty on continuous appointment (tenured faculty) in achieving professional goals and maximizing contributions to the University throughout their professional careers. In cases where goals are not being met or contributions should be markedly improved, a post-tenure review under this policy will be conducted. This post-tenure review will emphasize the pattern of past performance, current interests of the faculty member, and the objectives for future contributions of the faculty member. The review will be based upon the principle of peer review and provide added assurance that faculty on continuous appointment are accountable for their performance. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Faculty for more information about annual reviews and post-tenure review.