Faculty Leadership in Academia: From Inspiration to Reality

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The Faculty Leadership in Academia: From Inspiration to Reality (FLAIR) program helps faculty prepare to advance their careers by taking on formal leadership roles. This leadership development program is for faculty with strong, untapped leadership potential who have the rank of associate or full professor (tenured, practice, research or extension) and who are either considering a leadership role or are in their first leadership position and considering continuing on a leadership path.

Programming includes a series of workshops in the spring, a required summer reading list, and another series of workshops in the fall. Topics focus on leadership as it relates to the inspirations, realities, and opportunities within and outside of academic administration. Participants have the opportunity to meet with the Chancellor and participate in panel discussions featuring university faculty in leadership roles both inside and outside the traditional academic leadership structure. They also participate in a Leading With Strengths workshop focused on developing their personal leadership style based on their Clifton Strengths. There are ample opportunities for participants to network with one another, including through co-leading presentations on summer reading choices and through summer informal gatherings.

2021 FLAIR Cohort

2021 FLAIR cohort
  • Dona-Gene Barton, associate professor, Political Science
  • Jamie Bullins, associate professor, Theatre and Film
  • Katherine Castle, associate professor of practice, Communication Studies
  • Mary-Grace Danao, research associate professor, Food Science and Technology
  • Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza, associate professor, Educational Administration
  • Courtney Hillebrecht, associate professor, Political Science
  • Casey Hoeve, associate professor, Libraries
  • David Holding, associate professor, Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Katrina Jagodinsky, Susan J. Rosowski associate professor, History
  • Jeannette Jones, associate professor, History and Ethnic Studies
  • Yusong Li, professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Joe Louis, associate professor, Entomology and Biochemistry
  • JD Madsen, associate professor, Theatre and Film
  • Laurie Miller, professor of practice, Economics
  • Ashley Mueller, associate extension educator, Nebraska Extension
  • Peter Olshavesky, associate professor, Architecture
  • Julie Peterson, associate professor, Nebraska Extension
  • John Raible, associate professor, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
  • Amit Saini, associate professor, Marketing
  • Anthony Schutz, associate professor, Law
  • Witawas Srisa-An, associate professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Karrie Weber, associate professor, Biology
  • Manda Williamson, associate professor of practice, Psychology
  • Sam Wortman, associate professor, Agronomy and Horticulture

Past FLAIR cohorts