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Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor offers this series of one-page TipSheets and longer Faculty Resources to disseminate helpful tips for teaching, service, and managing work-life balance. Have an idea for a TipSheet topic? Email your suggestion to

TipSheet Categories

Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Resources
Tips for supporting colleagues and students, recovering from adversity, thriving and surviving during a pandemic, and more.
Communication Resources
Tips on how to facilitate Inclusive meetings, civil discourse, difficult conversations, and more.
Professional Resources
Tips for recruiting diverse faculty, negotiating, leading with compassion, and more.
Classroom Resources
Tips on academic misconduct, integrity, inclusiveness, and more.

Featured TipSheets

international students in homecoming parade holding country flags

Advising International Students

Explore ways in which faculty can better support international students with a faculty resource that discusses some of the challenges international students face.
faculty at desk viewing computer screen

External Professional Development Resources

Articles, Webinars, and Workshops
External resources to help faculty with their professional development, including the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, Inside Higher Ed, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.
faculty working group

Faculty Service

Meaningful Service and Work Balance

Faculty service — one third of the tripartite mission of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln — has an impact. It impacts the institution, the students, our colleagues, and the citizens of Nebraska as well as those around the world.