Faculty TipSheets

Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor offers this series of TipSheets to disseminate helpful tips for teaching, service, and managing work-life balance. Have an idea for a TipSheet topic? Email your suggestion to executivevcoffice@unl.edu.

Amanda Morales works from home

Thriving and Surviving Through the Pandemic

Leaning into change

Many faculty have been working from home in some capacity since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Using extended time spent indoors as an opportunity to recharge, develop new courses, and focus on research and writing can help provide a sense of purpose, productivity, and personal growth.

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Paint handprints

Encouraging Academic Integrity

Promoting honesty in the classroom

If students cheat in their educational experiences, they cheat themselves, but they also diminish our university’s reputation. Academic integrity gives employers and the community confidence in student knowledge and skills. Honest students are honest citizens.

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The cupola on top of Love Library lit up red

Academic Misconduct

What to do if you Suspect a Student has Engaged in Academic Dishonesty

Despite the hope that all students demonstrate academic integrity, one of the most challenging classroom issues is academic dishonesty. Instructors are often put in the difficult position of trying to figure out what happened and how best to proceed.

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A binder with the words learning and teaching: principles and practices written on it

Facilitating Safe and Civil Discourse

Balancing academic freedom with safe and civil behavior on our campus

Teaching and learning are our most important academic endeavors, and in a climate where faculty are reporting unprecedented levels of incivility in their classrooms, we must balance academic freedom with safe and civil behavior on our campus.

Updated December 2020

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Staff members chatting in the Gaughan Center


Learn how to bounce back from adversity

Resilient people seem to roll with the punches and recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments. We are living in turbulent times and the stress associated with our jobs often leaves us feeling less than resilient.

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Textiles, Merchandizing, and Fashion Design faculty having a meeting

Inclusive Meetings

Shared leadership is a mutual responsibility

We have all been in meetings where someone monopolizes the discussion, someone is brusque and argumentative, or someone has great ideas but does not speak up. Facilitating and managing inclusive meetings takes skill and practice.

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A group of students in the Haymarket looking at a picture on a phone

Student Mental Health and Resources

How to support students' mental health

Stress, depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and other mental health challenges affect at least 1 in 5 college students. Faculty can be an important source of support for UNL students.

Updated December 2020

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Students and faculty at the Hate Will Never Win rally

Recruiting Diverse Faculty

Considerations to keep in mind when creating diverse and supportive communities

Diverse perspectives within a field of study support and maintain stronger and richer scholarship and research. It is crucial that we prioritize diversity and inclusion in all our searches.

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Eric Malina teaches a chemistry auditorium class

Teaching Large Classes

Tools for active engagement

Teaching large classes can be challenging. Here are some tips for teaching and managing these classes.

Updated December 2020

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