A colloage of photos abour work-life balance

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a number of policies and resources that promote work-life balance. The University wishes to be supportive of faculty who need time off for personal reasons, approved professional development, or academic reasons.

Health and Wellness

Memberships are available for faculty at the University Campus Recreation Center. The wellness initiative offers additional programs and opportunities on campus.

Child Care

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the City of Lincoln offer a variety of childcare and parenting resources.


  • Deciding to be a Caregiver: Eldercare
  • The Care Givers Support Group is designed to provide opportunities for participants to gain information, understanding, and support from others experiencing similar situations concerning aging parents.

Engage with Your Community

Lincoln is an up-and-coming, safe city of nearly 300,000 people that has many of the cultural and entertainment benefits of a much larger city with the feel of a friendly Midwestern community.

Passion and creativity run deep within the community of Lincoln. We value our playtime, which is why our workdays leave you with plenty of time and money to do the things that make life enjoyable. There is more parkland in Lincoln, Nebraska than (just about) anywhere else. Lincoln has 126 parks and an extensive (and growing) bike trail network of more than 132 miles of trails.

Lincoln Public Schools are renowned for their long-standing legacy of educational excellence, serving more than 42,000 students from early childhood and kindergarten through their senior year in high school.

There are also a number of parochial and private school options in the Lincoln area, including one elementary/junior high Montessori option.