Experiential Learning

Connect your education to experiences beyond the classroom.

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Achieving the vision of N2025, as a student at UNL you will have multiple opportunities to engage in documented experiential learning throughout your undergraduate career. Experiential learning is all about encountering new situations, reflecting on your observations, and actively applying them to the world around you. Whatever your interests — research, education abroad, community engagement, internships, and more — the world beyond the classroom is here to explore.

Experiential Learning Courses

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Case or Project-Based Learning
Working through complex real-world problems, you will develop strategies to apply what you’ve learned to come up with novel solutions.
Community Engagement
In collaboration with community partners, you’ll exchange knowledge and resources to the benefit of both you and your community.
Creative Activity
Your creative activities or products will be presented to external audiences for opportunities to develop your talents in a real-world setting.
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Education Abroad
Your education abroad experiences will foster global awareness through instructor-led opportunities that take place in countries and territories outside of the 50 United States.
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Practice skills, conduct research, and/or explore academic content in instructor-led settings on location outside of a classroom or lab.
Internship or Co-op
Integrate the knowledge and theories you learned in the classroom with practical application and skill-development in a professional setting.
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As a student leader you will hold a position to influence, motivate, and guide others toward achievement of a goal. These opportunities will mostly be co- or extra-curricular elected positions that you hold for a minimum of one year.
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Working under the guidance of an instructor, you will gain research skills that may include: identifying research questions; practicing or developing methods to answer these questions; collecting, managing, and analyzing data; and/or disseminating the findings and implications.
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Student Teaching or Education Practicum
Your in-person teaching experiences will take place with children or students in community placements or school settings.