Instructional Continuity Guidance

Instructional Continuity Plans for when In-Person Classes are Canceled

Effective January 3, 2022, all instructors should include a statement on their syllabus that explains the mode of communication they will use (e.g., email or Canvas) if in-person classes are canceled and the campus follows instructional continuity plans:

If in-person classes are canceled, you will be notified of the instructional continuity plan for this class by [mode of communication].

Instructors may choose the way in which their course maintains continuity. For example, they could decide to direct students to continue working on their own, read course materials, or work on an assigned project.

Instructors could also opt to conduct class meetings via web conferencing or another mode they deem suitable. If they pursue this option, class meetings should be held at the same time as the regularly scheduled class. To be mindful of those who may not be able to participate in real time, such meetings should be recorded and made available to all students.

Instructors should communicate to students in writing (e.g., using email or Canvas) if it becomes necessary to alter requirements, assignment deadlines, or grading procedures due to any university closure. Major changes to requirements or grading procedures should be considered carefully and communicated clearly, given the possible impact on students.

Asynchronous online courses may proceed without interruption. However, instructors should keep in mind that students may have more difficulty with access to internet and campus resources (e.g., DLC Exam Commons) used in online courses if the campus is closed.

Published November 2021